Three Keys to Leading as a Sunday School Director

The Sunday School director is a role that has been most of our churches for many years. Many times directors learn their role from the one who had the position prior to them. It has been done the same way for years. In many cases, the director is doing the best they know and they have not been able to see their Sunday School grow and become the reaching and discipling organization that God intended for it to be. Here are three keys that every director needs to practice to really be the leader of their Sunday School.

ASKING – Asking God to use you and your leaders to further His Kingdom work through the Sunday School. Intentionally making a personal connection with each of your leaders is essential. Asking them about their group. Asking how your role as a Sunday School Director can help them be a better leader. Asking these questions by connecting with them on Sunday and at least monthly by email social media or a handwritten note.

PROVIDING – Providing the training needed to help leaders lead better. The quality of our leadership in our groups is tied to the director and their willingness train leaders for the best results possible in the teaching and leading of their groups. Provide training monthly with a regular leadership meeting or events. Provide training annually in coordination with your association or the Georgia Baptist Mission Board.

EXPANDING – Expanding the work of the Sunday School by starting new groups. Expanding the leadership of the Sunday School with a continuous effort to recruit new leaders. Expanding the vital role of Sunday School in promoting it to the congregation and community.

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Georgia Baptist Sunday School Directors Summit