Three Things Every Young Adult is Looking for in Their Sunday School Class

By Lance Crowell

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Why is this important?

Many today are asking the question, “Where are all the young adults?” They have become a completely missing demographic for a host of churches.  If we want to continue to be salt and light in the culture for generations to come, reaching and developing today’s young adults becomes paramount.

What do I do?

There are some key focal points ministries can use to orient their efforts in reaching and engaging young adults. It’s not about the bells and whistles, but about building a firm foundation to connect and disciple them.

  • Content – Young adults are looking to be challenged and hear the truth. They need robust discussion which does not gloss over difficult issues of life. Especially in a culture moving farther and farther away from Judeo-Christian principles. Teach the word to them and teach them to love the word. In addition, find out where they are and slowly raise the bar.
  • Community – Young adults are often very lonely and desperately looking for relationships. Churches which retain them provide environments which facilitate and encourage lasting friendships. Authentic community is a scarcity for so many in the world today. However, the body of Christ is the one place where people can find lasting accountability, edification, and unconditional love.
  • Calling -Many young adults desire to be part of something larger than they are. When churches reach the community and make an authentic difference for the gospel in the world, it provides a compelling place for them to invest. Talk often about the mission and provide regular opportunities to impact the world around them for the cause of Christ.


Lance Crowell is a young adult specialist with the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention