I love hearing stories from churches across our state about the great things that have happened at their VBS.

Churches throughout Georgia have had fun with crafts, music, recreation, creative Bible studies, and awesome Worship this summer!  My Facebook and Instagram Feed have been filled with pictures of some really awesome decorations used at VBS as well as the music and motions videos.  One of my favorite things about VBS is how children, youth, and adults come to have a personal relationship with Jesus and others continue to grow in their spiritual journey with Him.  Another aspect that brings a smile to my face is hearing about the churches that go on mission trips to conduct VBS in other churches or community centers.  Sometimes these are across town, across the state, across the country, or even internationally.

There’s still several more things that need to be done for your VBS.

  • The first is you need to make sure you follow-up with families that attended your VBS.  If someone made a decision at your VBS, make sure you or someone from your church contacts that person to be sure they understand the decision they made and disciples them for the next step in their spiritual journey.  And if there were families that don’t have a church home, you need to be sure you get them plugged into a Sunday School class or Small Group at your church.  It’s so easy to get busy with other things and unfortunately these families fall through the cracks.  Let this be the year that you follow up with these families and get them involved in your church.
  • The second thing you need to do is complete the VBS Report Form and send it to us.  We want to rejoice with you on the enrollment, attendance, and decisions that were made at your VBS.  This helps us as we prepare and plan for VBS in the future.  If you haven’t sent in your report you can click on the link and print it and get it to us this week.  We look forward to receiving your report soon.”