2018 VBS Reporting Form

2018 Vacation Bible School Report
for Georgia Baptist Churches and Missions


1. Fill out the report for your church VBS.
2. Make three (3) copies of your form. Mail or fax one copy to the Georgia Baptist Mission Board.

Groups & Faith Development
Georgia Baptist Mission Board
6405 Sugarloaf Parkway
Duluth, GA 30097
Fax: 770-452-6580

3. Mail a copy of your form to your Association.

4. Mail a copy to LifeWay:
VBS Reporting Desk
One LifeWay Plaza
Nashville, TN 37234

5. Keep a copy for your church records.

6. Follow the above steps to report a mission VBS or a Backyard Bible Club.

7. For each report, be sure to check the appropriate box at the top to indicate the activity you are reporting.

8. Note: Do not report a VBS conducted by an established mission sponsored by your church. An established mission will receive its own report form. Each established mission will report its VBS, mission VBS, or Backyard Bible Club directly.

Your VBS report is important to your church! VBS is a significant Bible Study, outreach and evangelistic activity. Good records of this year’s VBS will help those who plan for next year.

Your VBS is important to your association and the Georgia Baptist Mission Board! It is used to strengthen the VBS training provided by LifeWay, the GBC and your local Baptist Association.

Your VBS report is important to LifeWay Christian Resources! VBS curriculum materials and other resources are evaluated annually, and improvements are made based on research information.


Click Below for 2018 Form

2018 VBS Reporting Form


For more information call 1.800.746.4422 ext. 286 or 770.936.5286