This past summer, Summer 2015, Kids Groups and Faith Development had three VBS Missionaries who traveled to 10 churches in 6 weeks to assist with VBS at each location.  These young ladies touched 1,564 people and resulted in 34 Professions of Faith and 17 other significant decisions.

IMG_3437_pe                  The missionaries were able to share the Gospel several times each week and enjoyed seeing children accept Christ and helping others grow closer in their walk with Him.  They were also able to clear up many misconceptions that children have such as “Jesus was born in Boston,” or “Barbie lives in your heart next to Jesus,” and “you can’t get saved until after you’re married.”  These young ladies enjoyed forming relationships with people all over the state and hope that they can serve as VBS Missionaries again next year.

                  The church and VBS staff at each location was very impressed and grateful to have the help from the missionaries.  One VBS leader said “My God has done a miracle in our church this year.  Thank you for being a part of it.”  The words used by the host churches to describe the young ladies were godly, well-trained, hard-workers, enthusiastic, great leadership, related well to children, well-organized, very polite, flexible, helpful, excited, cooperative, and knowledgeable.  You can also read the letter below from one Pastor that utilized the Summer Missionaries and experienced the impact they had on their children.

                  One of the missionaries said “I began this trip hoping to change lives and impact churches.  I feel that instead God has been using these children to impact my heart and change my life.”

                  Do you know a church that hasn’t had VBS or Backyard Kids Club in the last few years, but has a heart for reaching children and families?  Please have them get in touch with our department to see if we can partner with them to bring a VBS Summer Missionary Team to work with them to make it happen.

And one more thing… Here is part of a letter we received from last summer –

They brought a lot of enthusiasm to what we were trying to accomplish, and God worked among us. One girl received Christ as her Lord and Savior. That was awesome! And one boy, who can often be a handful, responded well to the VBS lessons and the powerful lyrics of the songs. A couple of weeks after the VBS was over, I crossed his path and he was singing a song—the ABC song from this year’s VBS! I couldn’t believe it. When I asked him about it, he said that was his favorite song and still enjoyed singing it!  The people at Midway and I really appreciate what you all did to help make VBS happen for us. Thank you very much, Tim Smith, Jonathan Jordan, and Jenni Carter. 
God bless you all!
Pastor Charles Mitchell
Midway Baptist of Pine Mountain, GA