SM16This summer we had five VBS Missionaries travel to 18 churches in Georgia to assist with VBS at each location.  These five young women touched the lives of 1,173 people that were somehow involved in these 18 churches.  This resulted in 57 professions of faith and 9 other spiritual decisions.

The missionaries shared the Gospel several times each week through music and through conversations as they told the Bible story, and helped with recreation, crafts, and missions rotations.  While the ladies were there to minister and lead VBS, they also felt ministered to by the host homes where they stayed each week.  They loved building relationships with their hosts and being discipled and mentored by Pastors and lay leaders at each location.

We have had so many wonderful comments from Pastors, VBS Directors, and hosts at each location.  One VBS Director told us that she is so thankful for this ministry because without it she’s not sure her church could even have VBS.  One of the Pastors said he couldn’t be more pleased because they did everything he asked and more and that they led with enthusiasm.  Another Pastor said “they did more than just help with the success of VBS, they truly displayed Christ-like discipleship to the entire church and visitors.  You can tell the VBS Summer Missionary Ministry is anointed by God.”

When asked how we could improve this ministry one church said, “I wish that all churches could have the opportunity we had.” And another said “there are so many small struggling churches that don’t even know this ministry exists.  If there was some way to make it known to them that would be good.”  So please help us get the word out to these churches so that we can partner with them.  Any church that is interested should contact Jenni Carter at jcarter@gabaptist.org.  The deadline for requesting a team for 2017 is March 1.