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Growing Groups Online: 10 Great Ideas for teaching Bible Skills
Looking for creative ideas to teach kids Bible Skills in your ministry or class at church? Watch this video for 10 easy ideas to teach Books of the Bible and Bible verses.

Growing Groups Online: Teaching Priceless Biblical Truths using Dollar Store Items
In this video, you’ll see some creative ideas for teaching children using items that only cost $1. Watch the video so that you can learn some great ways to teach Biblical truths using items like a shower curtain, lacing cards, blinking balls, crafts sticks, a scarf, or even a cup and sock.

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Approaches to Learning
Watch this video to learn some ways to incorporate different learning styles into the Preschool and Children’s Sunday School/Small Groups.

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What’s Next? VBS Follow-Up…
Watch this video to get a fresh new perspective on continuing the connections with the families who attend your VBS.

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Evangelism in VBS
Many of us know that VBS is the most evangelistic event that most churches have each year. But how do you make sure your VBS is evangelistic?

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Lessons from VBS Stories
Watch this video to hear about a few churches in Georgia that are doing VBS well and how they make it happen.

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Let’s Talk VBS
No matter if you are new to VBS or a long time veteran, you will learn new ideas to help your church have a truly life changing VBS.

2017 VBS Offering Videos

2016 VBS & Mission Georgia Videos

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MISSION GEORGIA 2016 for KIDS: Jesus from the Dentist Chair
(1 of 5) The Baptist Mobile Health Clinic serves thousands of underprivileged Georgians every year and your Mission Georgia offering helps to heal body and soul of many people across our state.

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Mission Georgia 2016 for Kids: VBS Summer Missionaries
(2 of 5) Did you know you could be a summer missionary and never leave your home state? Here are three college girls that did just that! Lots of churches don’t have the leaders available to do VBS … so they call for help! And these ladies came tot he rescue. Your Mission Georgia offering helps make programs like this possible.

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MISSION GEORGIA 2016 for KIDS: Overcoming Prejudice against Muslims
(3 of 5) Prejudice is an ugly thing. In fact, God can’t really use us at our full potential until we see EVERYONE with the same love and compassion as He does.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 4.25.38 PM
Mission Georgia 2016 for Kids: MOVE on UP!
(4 of 5) MOVE is an evangelistic event for teenagers that’s held every year at Christmas time. This year over 850 teens made commitments for Christ. Your Mission Georgia dollars help make this happen.

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MISSION GEORGIA 2016 for KIDS: Make a Joyful Noise
(5 of 5) The Georgia Baptist Worship and Music Ministries team holds a fantastic music camp for kids every year. Many have entered the ministry because of their experience at Surge 150 music camp. Your Mission Georgia Offering gifts help to make this possible.

2015 Mission Georgia Kids Project Videos

VBS Mission GA Offering Video: Merge
(1 of 5) At MERGE Missions Camp students have an incredible week of spiritual growth as  they serve others. These ministry opportunities are made possible by your gifts to Mission Georgia offering. In this short video, we’ll see some of the ways students are able to serve.

DISASTER RELIEF – Mission GA VBS offering
(2 of 5) The goal of Disaster Relief is to provide some measure of normalcy for the victims of a disastrous event. During this short video we’ll learn some of the ways Disaster Relief Teams are able to assist families during crisis.

Pinnacle and Kaleo – Mission GA VBS offering
(3 of 5) Camp Pinnacle and Camp Kaleo are missions camps for children right here in Georgia and they are supported by Mission Georgia offerings. This video will show us some of the fun times the kids have at camp while they are learning more about missions.

Bible Drill – Mission GA VBS offering
(4 of 5) Bible Drill is a great ministry for Children and Youth where they are encouraged to learn the books of the Bible and Bible verses. This video will show another ministry funded by Mission Georgia offering and what happens at a Bible Drill.

Church Planting – Mission GA VBS offering
(5 of 5) The Mission Georgia Offering we are collecting this week will also help with Church Planting all over Georgia. Let’s look at this video of at least one church that has started to meet the needs of a  community in Savannah.