I served as a Children’s Minister and VBS Director for over 20 years and each year I completed the VBS Report Form and sent it to our Association, the Georgia Baptist Convention and to LifeWay.  I did this because I am a rule follower, but I always wondered “what do they do with those forms?”  I imagined that just were placed in a file somewhere or even worse simply thrown away.  Let me assure you that this is not the case.  Each one of the forms that you send to us crosses my desk and I look over each one.  After I see what church it’s from, I check to see how many decisions were made and I rejoice with you over each one.  Then I look to see how many prospects were discovered and once again I am thankful and praising God that churches are reaching their communities through VBS.  I also say a quick prayer that each church will continue the connection with those prospects.  I look over all the information you provide on these forms because I know that each number represents someone who has heard Bible stories, learned some great songs, and had a great time during VBS.  I also understand that some of these children may have prayed to accept Christ, but haven’t had the courage to step forward and make it public yet.

But the form doesn’t stop with me.  After I have looked over the forms, they are sent to our Research Department at the Convention which does a great job compiling the information from all the forms to help us know what’s going on in VBS in Georgia.  We are able to know whose doing well in VBS so that we can learn from them.  We can track trends in VBS in every aspect and area so that we can help meet the needs of others leading VBS.

I had the privilege of visiting 22 different VBS events around Georgia this summer.  I loved and learned from each one.  Next summer I hope to visit even more.  But, I can’t get to every VBS so the only way we can know what’s going on is for you to send in those forms.  If you haven’t sent in your form, please do so soon so that we can rejoice with you and so that we have a more accurate picture of VBS in Georgia.