We Need a New Scorecard

This past week I attended the State Sunday School Directors Association annual meeting held in Baltimore, Maryland.  This group of 45 missionaries has the responsibility of leading the small group ministry of their state convention or association.  It was a most productive meeting and the fellowship is always wonderful.

There was much discussion and many insightful presentations.  In the next two blogs I will give you the two things that I learned from my meeting in Baltimore.  The first is “Navigating the Shift to a New Scorecard” and then later “Trends of Today”.

The scorecard for us is those items we report.  Most of the time it’s either nickels (how much was the offering?) and/or noses (how many came?).  If that’s all we report or all we keep up with then we are only concerned with numbers.  I believe we are to be focused on people and because people matter we count people.  Now the question is what should we count?

  1. Those who are on our ministry list or enrollment.
  2. Weekly involvement in a Sunday School class, small group or Bible study.
  3. Daily spending time with Christ through personal Bible reading/study and prayer.
  4. Weekly ministry contacts that are focused toward in-reach for the purpose of expressing care for existing members.
  5. Weekly outreach contacts that are focused toward outreach for the purpose of evangelism and inviting non-members of the class/group.
  6. Weekly the number of times the gospel or a personal testimony is shared.
  7. Monthly the number new class/group members added to the ministry list or enrollment.
  8. Annually the number of new classes/groups started.
  9. Annually the number of new class/group leaders enlisted.
  10. People that are in leadership or service roles in Sunday School.
  11. Class/group involvement in missions and/or community projects.
  12. Annually the number of leaders/teachers/workers trained.
  13. Weekly the number of guests in attendance at Sunday School, small group or Bible study.
  14. The number of non-members that were invited and those that attended fellowships, mission projects, etc.
  15. The number of people that attended at least once during the past month and the past year.

Now here is the question for the day.  Have you used one of these items to evaluate your class, group or church?  If so how did it help and what did you learn?  Also what items should not be included on the new scorecard and why?  Do you have one that I didn’t include?  I look forward to your responses.