“What Should I Be Doing?”

by: Dr. Tim S. Smith

I was leading a conference and one of the participants asked a very simple question, “What am I suppose to do”? As I dug deeper into the question I discovered that he was a Sunday School director and what came next really caused me to be alarmed. Not only was he the Sunday School Director but he had been in the position for almost 10 years! After 10 years he was finally realizing he needed to do something other than turn on the coffee pot and take up the records!

I’m afraid too many of our leaders are right there with this guy or worse! Whether you are a “brand new” Director or an “old as the hills” Sunday School director here is what you should be doing:

First, a Sunday School director must be training leaders and members to understand the purpose of Sunday School. Second the director must provide ideas on how to achieve the purpose of the Sunday School. Finally the director must realize that the teachers and leaders under their care are people. Not only should the director provide training that will facilitate effectiveness as a teacher but also as a spouse, a parent, a friend, and so on. A Sunday School director should be modeling mentoring and they should be mentoring others to be effective leaders.

The goal of every Sunday School should be that every member is contacted every week. A Sunday School director should work to accomplish this goal. In adult, youth and older children’s classes the members can be organized into groups and each group have a care leader. The care leaders responsibility is to call every member every week and simply ask, “How can I pray for you?” If a class will start contacting and praying for all members the impact on that class will be incredible. A Sunday School director should be an example of this process. Every Sunday School director should have a care group. It could be division or department directors. It could even be teachers, but whoever makes up the Sunday School director’s care group, they should get a phone call every week.

The Sunday School director should always be looking for ways to start new classes and enlist new leaders. Every Sunday School director should have a goal to start at least one new class every year. The reason that many of our churches are not growing is that it has been 20 years since the last new class was started!