Why Go Georgia 2018?

I had a pastor call me and ask, “Why should I get my people to the Go Georgia conference”?  I answered but I found some folks that had better answers.  This is what I heard from some that attended last year and are committed to attend this year.
  1. “I can load up the church bus with my leaders and bring them to one place for great training”.  
  2. “The fellowship with other churches is great and we get to share ideas.  I love praying with people from other churches and we were so encouraged by our brothers and sisters”.
  3. “Those speakers are the best!  Everyone that I heard really helped me”.
  4. “In the past we have spent a ton of money going to confrences but the GO GEORGIA conference is just as good and the cost is very little.  Its a great value”.
  5. “The title is what I want my church to do.  It’s what I want my Sunday School to do.  It is what all me and my members must do.  The GO GEORGIA conference helped me to get my people focused on doing the Great Commission of Jesus”.
There were hundreds of other comments but this gives you the idea.  You don’t want to miss the 2018 Go Georgia conference.