Why They Stay…

You might be looking for a Christmas gift for your Student Leaders; you might be a Student Leader.  We talk often about why  our students are leaving the church.  This book in an in-depth study on why students stay in church for the long haul.  Pastors & parents have a huge influence…


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Do you want your children to be actively serving in the local church when they turn thirty and beyond? Why The Stay can help! Much has been written about younger adults and their departure from church involvement. Concerned parents and church leaders want to know what has caused them to depart. Instead of asking why young adults are leaving the church, Parr and Crites conducted a national research project of those who grew up in church and are still serving faithfully. They studied why they have stayed and the results are compelling. You will learn as a parent, pastor, or church leader specific actions that you can take to make a definitive difference in whether or not the fifteenyearolds attending your church now are still attending and serving when they turn thirty.

You will discover:
fifteen factors that make a great difference in the
likelihood that children and teens will remain in church as adults
ten issues that make somewhat of a difference in lifetime involvement
five surprises that do not make as much difference as you might think
the greatest gap discovered in the ministry focus of a church
actions you can take as a parent that greatly increase the likelihood your children will remain faithful to church when they are adults
strategies church leaders can implement that increase the probability that children and youthgroup members will serve in the church as adults
Why They Stay is much more than numbers and data. Parr and Crites share from their personal experiences, and the information can help you be more effective in your parenting and church leadership.